How to be John Hammond from Jurassic Park

John Hammond from Jurassic Park is a easily one of the most recognizable cosplay and it takes little effort to source all the materials for it. We of course would recommend our cane but we've also added links below to clothing options.

So, first you need the hat. The hat he wears is a panama porkpie variant. It's difficult to source one exactly like it almost 30 years after the film but you can come really close. We recommend the following: Porkpie/Panama Hat You will have to modify this slightly by taking off the belt on the hat and adding a white cloth but that's super easy.

Secondly you'll need a shirt and pants. The shirt is a white Cuban style shirt. These shirts are awesome and great for summer cons too because they are very comfortable and breath really well. The pants are just plain white and nothing special about them.

Basic Clothes:

Total price so far (as of 6/30/2019): $66.08

Not too bad so far. The only thing really required that is left is the cane. This is the only accessory that is mandatory for John Hammond.

The Cane:

Some Additional Accessories (to pull it all together):

That's it! Now you're John Hammond with the best cane there is out there! 

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