Spare no expense, order a manual gear shift knob for your manual transmission.

Great accessory for your Jeep (or any manual transmission vehicle)

  • Real bug (can't guarantee dino DNA)
  • Fits a variety of manual sticks
  • Slips on over existing shift stick
  • Metal, adjustable collar with set screw for a secure fit
  • Amber egg is designed to fit comfortably in your palm
  • The shaft is made of hardwood

  • Fits over a shaft as large as 16mm (.60 inches)
  • Set screw can adjust to shafts that are smaller
  • Length is 5 1/2 in

How it works:
  1. You can see in the pics that below the amber is a metal collar. That is the piece that will tighten the shifter to the rod on your vehicle.
  2. Simply slide the rod into the hole and all the way to the top.
  3. Once the rod is at the top that means it's within the metal collar.
  4. Now all you have to do is tighten the screw on the side until it is tight against the rod. This is done with an allen wrench.
  5. You will receive the shifter fully assembled. There is not an additional metal collar. The metal collar will already be set inside and ready to go.


Disclaimer: Making any DIY adjustments to your vehicle is at your own risk.




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Ask a Question
  • How are the wood and the amber attached? Is it just glued?

    There is a stem on the amber that fits into a recess on the cane. That is secured with epoxy. Thanks.

  • what's the weight on this bad boy?

    I don't know the exact weight but it's under a pound.

  • Will it fit a 2019 Subaru wrx

    Is this a manual transmission? If so, it should fit this shaft.

  • Will this fit the shifter in a 2003 Pontiac Vibe manual?

    Yes, it should fit this model.

  • is the mosquito real? also will this fit a 1996 ford f-150 manual?

    Yes it's real. I'm not sure on the dimensions of that particular Ford model but if the shaft is like 10 to 16mm in diameter it should fit fine and that is a pretty standard range. There is a set screw on the side of the shifter that will adjust to your particular shaft. Thanks.

  • compatible with pull up reverse gear sticks?

    Yes, it should work on those as long as the shaft is longer than 16mm.

  • Not sure what size the shifter is. Would this fit a 04 jeep wrangler TJ?

    It should fit your jeep.

  • Will it fit on a 2016 Tacoma? It’s a 6-speed MT and I think the thread size is 12mm x 1.25

    The collar will fit and tighten around a shaft 11mm to 15mm in diameter. So it should fit your stick. Hope that helps.

Jurassic Park - Gear Shift Knob

Jurassic Park - Gear Shift Knob

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